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Microsoft Login Errors

If you are having issues getting to your email the typical way, try going to Outlook Web App directly.

The Office 365 link in the sidebar to the left now goes directly to the Outlook Web App.

Office 365 accounts

When employees leave the district, their Office 365 (including email and One Drive) will be retired. When their Office 365 account is removed, you will no longer have access to any files they may have shared with you.

Make a copy of the files into your own One Drive to maintain access to the material.

Computer Login

If you have issues logging in to your computer with your DCS Microsoft account, let your tech know the exact message you get when you try to login. This will help them to identify the issue most quickly.

If you need to reset the password for your your DCS Microsoft / Office 365 account you may do so at Enter your email address, click Next, then click the Forgot Password link beneath the password field. Follow the directions to reset your password.

forgot password

DCS Office 365 account

This account is used for Microsoft Single Sign On and is used to login to your school computer as well as access a growing number of sites and services. Once your password is changed in Office 365 it has been updated for computer login as well as all of these Single Sign On services.

DCS Account usage chart

Linewize Web Filter

If you are on a personal device you will need to connect to DCS_RADIUS using your short username (email address without the If you are on a personal device (or any non-Windows device) You will also need to sign in to the web filter at to be able to access most websites.

You will need to sign in to the filter each day

If you get this page

linewize not connected

click the link which will take you to the login page.

Linewize login

If you find that you are connceted to the DCS_RADIUS Wi-Fi, but cannot access a lot of web pages, check your status at to verify that you are authenticated with the filter.

How easy is it for a hacker to get your password?

Strong passwords help prevent unauthorized people from accessing files, programs, and other resources, and should be difficult to guess or crack. A good password:

Creating Strong Passwords

This interesting chart shows how long it will take for a hacker to get your password. Stay out of the purple and red at least.

password strength chart

If you would like to speak to a Technology Staff Member between the hours of 8:00-4:00 Mon-Fri, please call (662) 449-7121.

Your Office 365 account is your primary user account. It is the most widely used account in regards to the amount of resources to which it gives you access. It is synchronized with your computer login and is used for Single-Sign on with a growing list of sites and services

DCS Office 365 Account Basics

One Drive is included with your Office 365 account. It provides up to 1GB of Cloud Storage for files and is the recommended location for safe storage for all of your files.

One Drive Basics

Links to Office 365, Schoology, and most commonly accessed websites can be found in the blue sidebar to the left.

Check out My Apps for quick links to all of your applications available with Office 365 Single-Sign On.


Student usernames follow the format '' - 2 letters and 6 numbers. The 2 letters are the initials of their first and last names and the 6 numbers are the last six digits of their lunch number for a total of 8 characters.

Example: If Amy King's lunch number is 1234567, her computer / Email / Schoology username is

Student passwords are the school mascot plus their 6-digit birthdate in the format MMDDYY.

Example: Tigers030406

School Mascots
Center Hill Mustangs Lake Cormorant Gators
DeSoto Central Jaguars Lewisburg Patriots
Hernando Tigers Olive Branch Quistors
Horn Lake Eagles Southaven Chargers

In most cases you should use the entire email address (with as the username.

Students should log in to Office 365 / Email at DCS Email first to ensure they are properly identified by all systems. This authentication determines access for One Drive documents in Schoology, Youtube access, and much more whether you are on a personal or school-owned device.

Do not go to to get to your Schoology classes.

Go to, access DeSoto County Schools Schoology here, or click the Schoology link in the sidebar.

More information:
(Tech Support, Student Accounts, OneDrive, Password reset, etc.)

Knowledge base

All DeSoto County Schools Middle and High School Students and DCS Employees have access to up to 5 free installations of Microsoft Office for their personal devices.

When you have logged in to your DCS Office365 account in your web browser, go to your Office365 Home Page

In the upper, right-hand corner, click "Install Office," then select "Office 365 apps" from the drop-down.

office365 install button

This should immediately begin the download.

You do not need a license key. Once you run any of the Office apps, click "Sign In" in the upper, right-hand corner of the application and sign in with your DCS Office365 account.

sign in to Office App

There are also free apps for mobile devices.

Microsoft Office for iOS

Microsoft Office for Android

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